CPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel

CPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel

CPanel is where you monitor and manage your website, or in other words it is a web based client interface. CPanel is the most popular interface used by web hosting, and has even recently been more popular with bloggers and home users than the more expensive Microsoft offer. The other competitor, used in Europe more than anywhere else in the world, is the Plesk interface. CPanel has become so common as it makes simple as many aspects of running and maintaining web space on a server that would once have required IT professionals with professional training to perform.

As a result, the CPanel control panel software is provided on many dedicated servers, and is used for almost all US web hosting packages that I have seen.

CPanel also has an easy to use email tool that helps create email accounts for users with user friendly interfaces. This user friendly interface is full of useful features.

With CPanel you can control your host account environment. The biggest advantage of this operating system is that its so easy to use your under average computer users to not easily touch websites there It allows users to monitor things like disk space and bandwidth usage. CPanel also allows you to store your data in MySQL databases. Within CPanel, you also usually have access to PhpMyAdmin, which offers you a function to store database backups on a file and download a database dump.

Many hosting companies announce that you can host unlimited websites, create custom packages and check everything within a slightly more expensive retailer package. This is accomplished by using a program extension to Cpanel called WHM. Which main account reseller account url means WHM can be opened and within WHM, all sub accounts can be considered and maintained. If you plan to create any sites, we recommend that you go to a reseller package, even if you do not intend to resell web space and support other users.

If you are considering starting your own web hosting service, we recommend that you offer your customers quality products like cPanel and Fantastico. Fantastico is a system that comes with Cpanel systems, and provides a simple method of quickly and without training put up a series of very useful scripts on your web space. These scripts vary greatly in their applications from the mall payment system, to complete content management of websites, and all are free except for the actual CPanel.

The larger web hosting providers offer four different dedicated home and business server options to provide something for each individual and all sizes of business. People choose their web service providers due to extensive web hosting features with CPanel, stable and secure servers, outstanding technical support and low prices.

After singing Cpanels praise, Plesk is also a very skilled system, but if you are already familiar with Cpanel, it will take some time to learn. The current Plesk version 8.1 is by far the most stable and safe Plesk software for Linux and UNIX ever released. Plesk has different versions for Windows and Linux operating systems. So, with Plesk, you can also use the same control panel for different operating systems.

We like the CPanel Email Account Creator which is the perfect script for configuring a Hotmail Yahoo like webmail system so your users can sign up and start sending email to friends and family with your host. All you need is a CPanel host account and as we have already said, there are so many good hosting companies that offer it.

The CPanel system helps you create databases and forces your databases to include a specific prefix so that it can separate your database from those owned by other users on the server that have the same name.

By saying that CPanel easily learned, you will find even if the individual web hosting companies adapt it to a large extent. The CPanel features provided by the free web hosting providers that use it, for example, will vary, but usually they still contain at least one file manager to upload and edit your free web pages online.

Some include all features of paid hosting companies, such as MySQL databases, Fantastico script installer, cron job manager, add on domains, Email Management Tools, AWSTATS and Webalizer, and other site statistics programs, and so on. If they give you yet another half of tea free youve found a good offer. This will let you try before you buy, and only buy when you know your website is a success and worth the investment.

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